Subsidiary Materials


Welding pins are used to secure the diamond shaped metal lath and used in conjunction as additional reinforcement for BOVIA 271.The diameter of a pin must NOT be less than 14 gauge (2.0 mm) and must be fixed on 12” to 18” (300 ~ 460 mm) with staggered pattern.

Description Property Shape
Material Coopered Steel Stud
Diameter 2.0mm ± 0.01mm
Dimension Length : 20/32/38 mm
Pin Diameter : 2mm
Bottom Diameter: 5mm

The non-return washers are galvanized for anti-corrosive properties that hold the metal lath in place for stability during application, which pressure can cause displacement.

Description Property Shape
Material Coopered Steel Stud
Diamention Width 30(±0.5)mm
Thickness :0.4 mm
Metal lath comprised of minimum 3.4 lb. /yd2 (1.8kg/m2) galvanized diamond lath is required. The detail specification of metal lath is as follow table.
Terms Dimension
Lath Diamond Shape
SW 33mm
LW 75mm
T 0.6mm
W 1.2mm
L 914mm
S 30,000mm


Description Property
Chemical composition of wire rod (%) C : 0.029
Si : 0.02
Mn : 0.23
P : 0.005
S : 0.005
SolAl : 0.059
Yield Point 205.9 N/㎟
Tensile strength 328.5 N/㎟
Elastic Rate 46.7 %
Hardness 42 HRB
Coating Weight 13.8 g/㎡
Weight 9.2 Kg / Roll (914 Ⅹ 30,000 ㎜)

LUCO KCS is a Keycoat system designed to improve bonding between painted Steel substrate with BOVIA 279 and BOVIA 271. KCS also act as a Sealer coat when used with structural steel members that contain pre-existing/non compatible protective primers or coatings. LUCO KCS can also be used on bare steel where no pre-existing primer has been applied.

LUCO KCS is available in 18 Litre Pails.