Construction Grade Fireproofing Material


BOVIA 279 is a low and medium density, exterior grade, heavy duty, cementitious fireproofing material ideal for construction buildings.

This passive fireproofing system can provide various hours of fire protection, that meets design specification of UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) standard 263 for  commercial, residential and other construction buildings.

Developed through extensive research, BOVIA 279  provides remarkable physical properties that promote high quality and prolonged durability.


A limited number of products are able to endure the environmental conditions of construction building as well as “UL 263”.

BOVIA 279 has been developed through fine-tuned chemistry that provides extreme fire protection, resistant to damage, user-friendly application, and capacity to withstand various climate conditions.

BOVIA 279 can be spray applied with wide a range of conventional plaster pumping equipment along with paddle mixers and most continuous mixers.


BOVIA 279 SFRM systems are manufactured and tested to protect the structural steel during a cellulosic fire and are found throughout the world in Airports, Stadiums, Residential and Commercial Buildings and is excellent in:

  • Low water consumption
  • Low hydration heat
  • Low drying shrinkage
  • Low crack
  • High long-term strength
  • High bond strength

BOVIA 279 Trial Application

Spray Applied Fire Resistant Material applied to a Structural Steel Beam and thickness measured. Bare Steel with No Key Coat.