Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Certificate

BOVIA 271 & 279 – Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Approval

We are pleased to announce that we recently obtained the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Approval for BOVIA 271 & 279. BOVIA 271 & 279 are both spray applied passive fire proofing material based on vermiculite and Portland cement.

Effective Passive Fire Protection is an important responsibility whether you are a architect, installer or building owner.The Abu Dhabi Civil Defense approval is just one of a number of approvals we have managed to obtain throughout the GCC and Middle East and is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of BOVIA’s¬†product range.

BOVIA 271 & 279 are spray applied premix, based on vermiculite and Portland cement. It can be applied to protect structural steel from the effects of cellulosic, hydrocarbon and Jet fire events.

All our products eliminate the common debonding and cracking issues, whilst still providing effective fire proofing for up to 4 hours depending on the applied layer thickness and area of application.